Friday, February 5, 2010

superbowl recipes

Can a mozzeralla stick be made healthy? Can you have any appetizers go from bad to good foods?

hot wings recipe

Southwestern Chicken PileUp

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The following are some tips for successful, healthy tailgating:

Have a nutritious snack before going to the game. Fuel up on fruit, veggies, half a sandwich, or a big glass of water or diet drink.
Prepare some light finger food to bring to the tailgate party. Try a new recipe and create something tasty and low fat.
Take a step back from the food offerings and look at everything before digging in. This may help you to decide what foods you truly want to have. Take only the foods you will enjoy the most.
Think through your strategy. Try a half portion, have the burger without cheese, and try munching on pretzels instead of chips.
Take a seat! Instead of standing while eating, take a plate, sit down, and enjoy.
Have a drink on hand, such as water or diet soda. Liquids fill you up at a low cost to your calorie budget for the day.
Keep your mouth busy! Have some breath mints, gum, or sugar-free candy to decrease your need to eat more.
Balance is the key. No food is good or bad. All foods fit into your nutrition plan if you make sensible choices.
Remember that the first priority for the party is the event and the fellowship -- not the food.
The No. 1 tailgate tip -- be happy with your choices and enjoy!

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