Monday, January 25, 2010

Question of the Day

Question: Does Caffeine hinder weight loss?

Answer: Studies have shown that caffeine (as in coffee and some sodas) contributes to insulin resistance (thus making it harder to lose weight), increases appetite (again making it harder to lose weight) and contributes to food cravings (making it difficult to adhere to a weight loss diet or exercise program). In those studies, even decaffeinated coffee is shown to be detrimental to weight loss.
Caffeine also interferes with GABA and prevents it from performing its calming duties in the human body. This then increases physiological and psychological stress (often associated with both overeating and difficulty adhering to a weight loss diet). Those who are trying to lose body fat (weight) would do well to avoid caffeine.
Many overweight people, particularly those who have frequently 'dieted' and lost weight only to regain it later, are insulin resistance. Unfortunately, the majority of people who have insulin resistance are unaware of it. If you have insulin resistance, using caffeine will further affect your metabolism.
It will have the opposite outcome of what you want. In the long term, avoiding caffeine will help to boost your metabolism. Naturally increasing your metabolism by combining correct eating (replacing or strictly limiting refined/processed carbohydrates with natural 'fat burning' foods) and (unless unable to exercise) cardio exercise, plus, if possible, weight training, will lead to fat loss and increased lean muscle. Lean muscle is your metabolic furnace that will burn extra calories/energy 24 hours daily and not just when you are exercising.

Now the question for you is: Do you have caffeine in your day? Where does it come from ? (ie: coffee, power drinks, etc...) How much do you get in a day? What ways can you reduce the intake?

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